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COLORFUL DESIGN 12-16 April 2018

After the success of the first editions of 2016 and 2017, Varese Design Week is back, from 12 to 16 April 2018.

Every year the event deepens the investigation of specific themes related to design world. This year Varese Design Week plunges into color and becomes COLORFUL DESIGN!

Color and light will be the main subjects of many installations and thematic debates, but colorful also means multidisciplinarity, interaction, contamination, emotion and these will be the ingredients of the 2018 edition!


The Association Wareseable, with Varese Design Week 2018, aims at connecting Varese to national and international realities as well as to the nearby city of Milan, taking place a few days before Salone del Mobile and Fuorisalone.

Interacting with other domains and cultures, on themes related to the world of design, the event will involve in the first place the city center, the streets, the local realities and businesses, seeking a global systemic urban belonging approach.

After the great success of GLASS EMOTION HALL, another emotional installation is in the pipeline, ready to stun us and involve us, from an idea of Roberto Torsellini, with the collaboration of technical sponsors and of the Association Wareseable.

Designers and companies will be participating in a COMPETITION OF IDEAS whose theme is Pet Design, with the aim of ideating new objects for our four-legged friends.

The Competition is inspired by the book “Pets. How pets have occupied our houses and homes” by Guido Guerzoni (Feltrinelli).

Sponsors of the Competition will be CROCI SPA – Quality & Service for Pets, a reality which is active on the territory, which deals with the pet world at 360 degrees and Faberlab, which will print in 3D the first 3 mock-ups of the competition winner projects.

As in the past editions, the aim of this event is to INVOLVE VARIOUS AND DIFFERENT PROFESSIONAL FIGURES, such as architects, designers, scholars, writers, musicians, artists, enterprises, as well as the students of Liceo Artistico Frattini, the true motor of a generation that has to look ahead, towards progress and technology.

Everyone, thanks to their competence and professionality, will have the opportunity to dialogue and expose the theme through stories and direct testimonies, with the aim of communicating these disciplines to non-insiders, to interested, curious and sensitive citizens, to retailers, restoration and hotel operators of the territory, involving them in meetings, debates, as well as entertaining and friendly moments, thus incentivizing, through this project, the city’s tourist vocation.

The strength of this initiative is the capacity of NETWORKING.

With glass we build emotions

Il you say “glass” you say Torsellini Vetro.

With almost 60 years of presence in the sector the Varese Company Torsellini Vetro is the reference point for realizing glass works intended for building and interior design.

Mara and Roberto Torsellini inherited from their father Galeazzo his strong passion for glass and today they continue with enthusiasm and competence a business which is one of the points of strength of the entrepreneurial reality of our province. This is what the Torsellini say about glass:

“It is an exceptional material which has no secrets for us. We know how to process it, we know its strength, we give importance to details, we create environments as well as solutions. Our motto is: Think Transparent”.

GLASS.EMOTION was born from the fusion of experience and innovation, quality of materials and cutting edge design. This made in Torsellini brand designs tailored products which can transform environment into emotion, thanks to the competence granted by Torsellini Vetro.

Each GLASS.EMOTION branded product is an experience in itself, which the designers share with the client, working at unique, unrepeatable and never standardized projects, giving life to glass elements that meet the needs of the current market constantly striving to seek new stylistic intuitions.

GLASS.EMOTION is also the first “Glass Factory” in Varese. Next to Torselini’s operative facility in Gavirate, Via della Ciocca 6, there is a space designed so as to be a modern meeting point for a shared dialogue between company designers, architects and designers.

A space open to everything: to realizing works, to design, to technology and to teaching as well, with events, seminars and upgrade courses concerning new techniques and materials.

In the last years the brand has crossed national borders, expanding into the foreign market where it has brought the best made in Italy and has made a positive breakthrough with its care for details and its competence.

GLASS EMOTION BRIDGE for Varese Design Week

Torsellini Vetro brings to Varese a new emotional installation, after the Glass.Emotion hall (the glass pyramid) installed in the center of Este Gardens during Varese Design Week 2017. The work ideated by Roberto Torsellini with the support of the Varese Design Week Team and realized in synergy with a group of Varese entrepreneurs will be placed in the heart of the city. The location will be Piazza del Podestà, adjacent to Corso Matteotti. It is an emotional structure from which it will be possible to experience hanging in the void, with an unprecedented view on the center of Varese.

Structure Details:

Dimensions: height 5 m, ground area 12 x 4 m.

The installation composition consists of 3 main interconnected elements forming the emotional path which characterizes it: a staircase, a gangway and a terrace.

STAIRCASE: the element needed for arriving at the height of the gangway at +5 m, unfurling in 3 flights with a 120 cm passage.

GANGWAY: the central and most emotional part of the installation, 120 cm wide and 4 m long, in extra transparent stratified tempered glass of about 4 cm thickness; on the full length of the two sides, parapets in extra transparent stratified anti-fall glass, fixed in special aluminum profiles. Externally to the parapets, a waterfall with water wall effect for street spectators.

TERRACE: arrival area, 4 x 4 m surface completely transparent, with floor and parapets in glass as for the gangway.

With entrepreneurial energy and vivacity a plentiful group of Varese dwellers is working to give their own city a strong sign of initiative and attachment to their territory. Such an installation would likely have been imagined in a city like Milan, but it’s Varese which is looking ahead for a dynamic future.

Among the technical sponsors of Glass.Emotion Bridge there are: Torsellini Vetro for the glass gangway and terrace; Bazzeghini & Bazzeghini for the assemby of the metal bearing structure; FTL Rossi Siderurgia for the metal sittings and complements; ITB Bianchi, AquaElite of Anpa and Bianchi&Colli for the waterfall, LuceLuce of Nicora for the lighting, Enrico Colombo spa for the electrical systems, Nuova Clean for the cleaning, SWS for the security service during building

stage, Centro Colore Comerio for the lifting equipment during assembly, Floricoltura Gervasini for the green.


Competition of ideas

The theme of the competition has been inspired by the book:

“Pets. How pets have occupied our homes and hearts” by Guido Guerzoni

“Worshipped by millions of fans, courted by the multinationals of the sector and chased by the media, pet design protagonists have a thriving future ahead of them …. no one can be denied a beautiful piece of design, let alone our loved ones”
from the book “Pets. How pets have occupied our homes and hearts” by G. Guerzoni

The competition is included in the events of VareseDesignWeek 2018 with the theme: “COLORFUL DESIGN” and is promoted by the Cultural Association Wareseable that is the organiser.

The call for entries can be viewed and downloaded

Competition of ideas

Entry Form

The Competition Jury is composed by:

Guido Guerzoni is a cultural manager who is in charge of the Museum M9 project in Mestre; he teaches museum management in Bocconi University and collaborates with print and TV media. His hybrid formation, straddling economic subjects and history studies, has driven him over the years to have diverse experiences, thus forging a professional profile which is rare in the Italian context. For twenty-five years he has been dealing with economics and history of art and culture markets, collections and collectors, cultural and museum studies. Among his most recent books: Museum on the Map 1995-2012 (Allemandi, 2014), The Wonderboy of Lübeck. The extraordinary life of Christian Heinrich Heinecken (Spo-ose, 2011) and Apollo net Vulcain. Les marchés artistiques en Italie 1400-1700 (Les Presses du Réel, 2011).

Carla De Albertis belongs to a Milan family which is renowned for its entrepreneurial tradition. Her grandfather Carlo Magiarotti and her brother Claudio De Albertis are members of Famedio di Milano. She is a public relations and communication expert. She has worked in the Representative Office of an international bank, in the Vice-Presidency Office of the Regional Council of Lombardy, she has been a consultant for communication and she is founder and partner of Cen Integrated Communication. She has served as Councillor and Assessor of the Municipality of Milan. Currently she is the Public Relations Manager of the Metropolitan Observatory of Milan, as well as a member of Amici della Triennale and Chairman of the Claudio De Albertis Award Committee. In 2018 she is a member of the jury of the TYoung Claudio De Albertis Award, a section of Triennale Gold Medal and of the Riccardo Prina Award, a section of the Piero Chiara Award.

Anastasia Bessarab was born in Kiev, in post-soviet Russia characterized by socio-political change, full of ferment and novelty. Determined and enterprising, she lived in China where she came into contact with the tea tradition and culture, becoming a Tea Master. In 2015 she set up Tea Soul, an excellence e-shop which is specialized in rare teas coming from Taiwan, China and Japan and in accessories of eastern tradition. After globe-trotting for five years she arrives in Italy, where she attends courses in NABA and achieves a master’s degree in International Business at LIUC. Having settled in Varese, in 2018 she launches Anada, a fashion brand which is rigorously Made in Italy and is based on a stunning and contemporary concept of items designed for being worn by human beings and their dog, their faithful life companion. Her collection creation has been triggered by her acquaintance and collaboration with Dario Croci, the founder of the homonymous company, which has been a reference point for over thirty years in the international pet market: the solidity of Croci experience.

Maria Luisa Ghianda. Daughter of Pierluigi Ghianda, the ebony artist, after her degree in Architecture, she teaches History of Art in Politecnico di Milano and in various Secondary Schools across Italy, among which the Monza State Institute of Art, in its golden years. She also teaches in the Art Institute of Benevento. She publishes several essays on the city’s monuments as well as some short stories and even a historical novel (which is awarded the first prize in the Literary Competition Mario Soldati, 2016). Her passion for Middle Ages (with a medieval story she won Second Prize in the Philobiblon Competition 2015) goes hand to hand with her interest in design, a field in with she has built up an acknowledged competence, publishing several articles in the culture magazine

Davide Baldi, born in Sesto Calende, Varese, graduated in Natural Science at the University of Pavia, is the manager of Faberlab Tradate, a design , modelling, automation prototyping and 3D printing workshop of Confartigianato Enterprises Varese. He is also quality manager and environment and security consultant of this association based in Viale Milano. Prototyping, patenting and 3D printing are the elements of innovation on which Faberlab Varese has centred its activity, nurtured by an increasingly thriving synergy with designers and developers, in a context of growing cooperation between enterprises, professionals and new technologies. Various international collaborations have been fostered by this approach, among which that with Astrakhan State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering.